It seems as if we’re entering into an era in which without the intervention of the old, without the intervention of that which is considered ancient, we run the risk of bumping into irrecoverable catastrophe. There comes time when the word “modern” has very little power and we have to wonder how much of the old we still need to forget before it’s too late.

In the village, it is understood that any kind of challenge that we face in the now, is connected with a power source that once was one pillar of your own power, that you made a contract with, you made a deal with. Basically saying that, I’m going to cross over to this dimension where, in order to exist there, I have to carry a physical body but I’ve heard rumors there are problems associated with having a body and those rumors are not all good and I’m worried about the ones that are not good. Namely that, you forget what the source of your true power is.

I am coming into this world because I have a gift, a gift of healing to bring, but in order for me to deliver that gift, I need these sources of power to keep my back protected. The energy that we have inside of us to dispense, or to administer, is proportional to the amount of energy we take to deliver the gift that we brought with us into this world.

So if some of that energy, as it is unfortunately seeming like it’s the case; if most of that energy is invested in fighting against adversity, wrestling with challenges, eventually, by the time the challenges are through with you, the energy indicator would look really low and the gift is still sitting there waiting to be delivered.

Malidoma Patrice Somé

sound @ liv wheeler
video @ jen cohen
subtitles @ gerard cruz