Little Boysenblu
Not knowing what to do
With their testosterone
They’re hardly grown

Lined up in a row
Not knowing where to go
With all that pent up rage
They’re waiting to engage


Blue goes well with red
Someone ends up dead
They’ll shoot first,
Ask questions later
Lives snuffed out
Cuz their life’s worth so much greater!

Mayor sounds the call
Let no more blue boys fall
Now that his city’s clean
(The crime rate is so lean!)

Yet little boys in blue
They know just what to do
When faced with skin, not White
To Shoot will be All Right

[spoken section]

Slowly patterns change
Where once they walked it ranges
Now 5 years to 10
But not for Them

People Up in Arms!
They’re Tired of all the Harm
Caused by our Boys in Blue
One day – They’re coming after you!


Little Boys in Blue
Our Little Boys in Blue
Little Boys in Blue
Those Little Boys in Blue
Little Boys in Blue
Coming after You!

Abby Smith – Little Boysenblu
from her album
Abby Smith – Monitored for Quality Control

Videocollage and Titles by
GCM 2011

Peace & Justice