Since being made aware of this procedure by Josh Fox, the director of the award winning, Oscar nominated documentary film Gasland, I have been greatly concerned for all the people here and abroad who have been affected by the negative health impacts, produced by this fossil fuel extraction procedure.

The fossil fuels industry has trumpeted hydraulic fracturing as a cure to American energy woes, but in reality fracking helps only the few that profit from the vending of natural gas and irreparably destroys and poisons our environment as well.

The energy cartels have always used a portion of their billions to buy politicians and media to control the agenda.  A great portion of Americans still do not realize, or express concern over what is being done to them.   Fracking has been allowed to occur on public lands here in the United States.  The government has allowed this to occur with little to no input from the citizenry.

Everyone should watch the film Gasland and do a little bit of research on the internet to find out more information about this subject.  Here are some links to assist you. Peace!
Stop Fracking up the planet!  Stop Fracking Us!