Lebensgarten – (Garden of Life) Steyerberg is a settlement community, where the goal is a common desire for a harmonious coexistence with people and nature.

A non-profit association founded in 1986, starting with 27 row houses built in 1938 for workers in the Nazi armaments industry; it now has 62 houses. It’s located in the town of Steyerberg, in Lower Saxony, Germany.

There is no guru or chief here., no common faith, religion or church affiliation. All spiritual paths are respected. Website – lebensgarten.de

Declan and Margrit Kennedy were among the founders. Declan is a world renowned architect, permaculture designer and healer. Born in Ireland in 1934, he loves dance and rock ‘n’ roll. His website – declan.de

Video tape by Dimitri Devyatkin — website devyatkin.org