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Monsanto has unleashed a micro-monster that could kill us all.

That’s according to Dr. Don Huber, an agricultural scientist and expert in microbial ecology, who’s convinced that Monsanto’s genetically engineered “RoundUp Ready” crops are responsible for a new micro-monster that’s causing an outbreak of new plant, animal and human diseases.

Please watch Dr. Joseph Mercola’s interview with Dr. Huber and then write USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, as Dr. Huber has, and urge him to place a moratorium on Monsanto’s RoundUp Ready crops until scientists learn more about this deadly micro-monster.

Watch this Alarming Video

Tell Sec. Vilsack to Heed Dr. Huber’s Warning!

As concerned current residents of this planet, we welcome public hearings and official acknowledgment of the long denied practice of environmental geoengineering. Our descendants need our voices. Ban geoengineering world-wide.  Bravo longislandskywatch!

More than 100 wonderful people showed up to support the proposed legislation to ban geoengineering over Suffolk County, Long Island. The legislation was

The people united will never be defeated!

Chief Blue Star Eagle Speaks about the Children and Food

Geoengineering is the world-wide secret program to manipulate the atmosphere. The government now admits it has been “testing” the manipulation of earth’s atmosphere with barium salts, aluminum dioxide and other toxic compounds.  This experiment represents a clear and present danger to the health of all life and ecosystems on the planet.  And of course, we are all unwitting subjects.  Stop the subversive experimentation and curb fossil fuel consumption.  End deforestation.  Support clean energy technologies.  Consider our health and that of all inhabitants of our beautiful planet.

I like the sky just the way it is!   Stop weather modification!


Health basics: What are GMOs?

Monday, November 21, 2011 by: S. D. Wells

(NaturalNews) Molecular engineers working in laboratories for Monsanto, the giant American biotech company, are gene-splicing vegetable seedlings with poisonous pesticides and herbicides so the plants are inherently protected from the insects and worms that might damage them. The majority of products Americans eat daily contain some form of GMO soy, corn, canola (rapeseed) oil or cotton seed oil. Research shows that consuming the popular herbicide/pesticide Roundup leads to the mutation of cells in the human body, in turn fueling the development of malignant tumors and other various forms of cancer.

In other words, as the plants grow up from the ground, they already contain genes from toxic concoctions, therefore helping corporations and their “cooperating” farmers maximize profits. Some countries are terrified and outraged, knowing there are not sufficient studies on the long term effects from this bio-engineering “guessing game,” and are boycotting American exports of major vegetables, dairy, and meat products for this specific reason, including Germany.

Consider this: What if over half of all the food being sold in grocery stores contained pesticides that you couldn’t taste or smell, with no warnings on the labels, and then you got cancer from eating them after ten years? Or, what if a pregnant mother could get her baby vaccinated in the womb with an insecticide, so that no insects would ever bite the child after it was born? Would anyone be crazy enough to do it, especially if it was FDA approved?

More than 85% of all corn, soy and canola oil are GMO

The bad news is in, and it may not be changing for quite awhile. GMO vegetables and all of their by-products are not labeled as GMO in the United States. Currently, 93% of soy, canola and cottonseed oil, 86% of corn, 95% of sugar beets, 13% of squash, and rice is on the cutting board now. As much as 77% of the world’s soy is GMO also. Think for a moment about all of the popular products that have some kind of processed soy or corn in them; it would take an entire book to list them all. GM potatoes and tomatoes have been taken off the market.

To appreciate the size of this health and environmental disaster, one should understand the 96% rule. For the first time ever, science has created models that combine the clinical and genetic similarities of rodents, great apes and humans for determining the odds of acquiring cancer.

A comparison of genetic blueprints with that of the human genome shows that our closest living relatives share 96% of our DNA (…). Before now, scientists had hypothesized that it was only about 35%. The FDA and CDC quite often denounce research regarding popular cancer causing foods, additives, and artificial sweeteners because tests are only run on rats and mice, but not humans. Now we know we are affected by toxins, just like the other animals.

To pour salt in the wound, GMO pesticides not only kill most of the nutrients in foods, but most GMO plants die after one year and new seeds must be purchased from Monsanto. It’s all part of the money making scheme (…).

What’s the cure? Eat only organic food from local farmers markets and health-food grocery stores. And if you say it’s more expensive, you’re wrong. Surgery and chemotherapy for stomach, kidney and colon cancer far exceed the price of non-GMO foods, drinks, candy and gum (and that’s with health insurance). Also, let your voice be heard about GMO labeling. (

Sources for this article include:…………………………………

St. Louis Missouri USA

☢11/18/2011 — ☢ 349.5 CPM ☢

☢ — Airborne particulates — St. Louis Missouri USA ☢

Uploaded by on Nov 18, 2011

349.5 CPM (counts per minute) = 3495 over the course of 10 minutes.

(first test was 250+ CPM over 5 min – not on camera — several more tests over the next few days forthcoming)

By all accounts, 100 CPM is the alert level for “high radiation”. This means we are far over alert levels when it comes to small radioactive particulate matter in the air.

This boldly contradicts my previous findings from cross country measurements.. highest levels cross country were in Colorado @ 80-100 CPM

location : Saint Louis, Missouri
date : 11/18/2011 1200 noon CST

Method of collection:

electromagnetically charged particle collection plate 30 minute collection (stainless steel) — ionic breeze air purifier collection plate

steel plate wiped with a fresh dry paper towel.. then placed on a clean glass surface.

Geiger counter is the “inspector alert”

Both paper towel and plate pre-tested for ambient background radioactivity (normal) on video.

I intend to repeat this test several more times as well as tomorrow (nov 19 2011) taking several outdoor measurements across the Saint Louis Missouri area using the same collection method.

It appears that regular geiger counters are NOT picking up even LARGE amounts of particulate radioactive material.. (not talking about hot particles here but particles of actual debris material in the air) it requires a collection apparatus which then allows one to be able to measure a “stationary sample” of the particles— this is done when the particles build up on the collection plate — normally these radioactive particles would float by undetected.

Which is why ALL the geiger counters are returning LOW amounts (except those near fukushima directly).

If you have a magnetic air purifier metal collection plate (like an ionic breeze for instance) and a geiger counter, you can repeat this experiment in your area.

I looked into possible contamination by the ionic breeze.. it produces negative ions..the DUST that im wiping off the plate and removing far enough from the whole device.. is producing a radioactive return.

could the ionic breeze be turning my regular household dust into mini-radioactive particles? Not likely… however I do concede that it is a REMOTE possibility that the ionic breeze is a mini-radiation generator that is slowly killing me with radiation (no one has figured it out until today LOL) .. if that is the case I have a lawsuit against ionic breeze for radiation exposure !

More likely, the particles in the air that I am wiping from the plate are indeed radioactive… actually either way they are radioactive, its just a matter as to WHERE are these particles coming from.

here are the links I have to monitor radiation levels nationally and internationally:

List of radiation monitoring links:

USA and global coverage:

German Radiation Protection Agency:

Electro Magnetic Fields:

Link Austrian Radiation Protection Agency for Data:

Live Measurement stations Austria:

Finland radiation:

radiation forecasting links: (click on radiation update)

dutch radiation monitoring:

swiss radiation monitoring:

Finland radiation monitoring:

French radiation monitoring:

Defending their land is the priority of the Uwa people. Their ancestral territory covers approximately 14.000 square kilometers – an area half the size of Belgium. Today however, they possess only 14% of these lands. Currently there are two projects under development in the region that would affect the indigenous reserve. One of these is the Niscota Block, an oil extraction project extending more than 600 square kilometers. Plans are also underway to construct a pipeline. For the Uwa people, the fact that their territory contains rich oil deposits has been harmful and detrimental.


From No One Is Illegal – Vancouver, BC


November 15, 2011 – Setting up a road blockade with signs “Road Closed to Pacific Trails Pipeline Drillers”, an alliance of the Unist’ot’en and the Likhts’amisyu of the Wet’suwet’en Nation have evicted and escorted out Pacific Trails Pipeline drillers and their equipment.

According to Wet’suwet’en hereditary chief Toghestiy, “We evicted Pacific Trails Pipeline drillers from our territory this weekend. The drillers in one vehicle actually cheered for our blockade and one driller told us ‘Nobody wants to see any pipelines in the North – especially one that operates as dirty as this one. Have a good day guys and good luck.’”

“Pacific Trails Pipeline had moved in equipment to do directional drilling around Gosnell River where our salmon spawn. Their exploratory drilling and whole pipeline proposal will spell certain disaster in the Peace River area. We have to protect our sensitive aquifers from the destruction of pipelines – from the Alberta Tar Sands to our side of the Rocky Mountains. You cannot make compromises with the life-sustaining force of water” continues Toghestiy.

Kloum Khun, a Likhts’amisyu hereditary Chief who also participated in the blockade, said: “We had a sign that said ‘No Pipelines’ and pointed it out to the drillers. We told them to take out all their equipment from our territory.”

The Pacific Trails Pipeline, official known as the Kitimat Summit Lake (KSL) gas pipeline, is a proposed natural gas pipeline that will move upto 1 million cubic feet per day of natural gas from Summit Lake near Prince George to Kitimat using an underground 36 inch diameter pipeline with an 18-metre right of way on each side. Much of this natural gas is acquired through the environmentally destructive process of hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking. After processing, the natural gas would be shipped in supertankers from ports in Kitamat to the international market. In February 2011, Pacific Northern Gas sold its stake in the project to the Apache Corporation and EOG Resources (formerly Enron).

The Pacific Trails Pipeline has a similar proposed right-of-way as Enbridge Pipeline in Wet’suwet’en territory. According to Toghestiy: “Enbridge is using the fact that Pacific Trails is proposing the same right of way as Enbridge to mitigate their own ecological footprint on our territory.” During a May 2011 interview with Fox News, Enbridge CEO Pat Daniel discussed Enbridge’s move into the natural gas market and the possibility of “synergies” between the Enbridge’s Gateway Project and the Pacific Trails Pipeline.

The $5.5-billion proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline would carry 700,000 barrels of crude oil a day from Alberta to Kitimat. In August 2010, representatives of Enbridge in Smithers, Michelle Perret and Kevin Brown, received formal notice from Wet’suweten hereditary chiefs Hagwilakw and Toghestiy that Enbridge did not have permission to build a pipeline on their lands and was trespassing on unceded Wet’suwet’en lands.

Freda Huson, a spokesperson for the Unist’ot’en Clan of the Wet’suwet’en, says her community was not consulted about these proposed pipelines: “The corporations never informed us or consulted us about their plans. Pacific Trail Pipeline’s proposed route is through two main salmon spawning channels which provide our staple food supply. We have made the message clear to Enbridge and Pacific Trails and all of industry: We cannot and will not permit any pipelines through our territory.”

The Unist’ot’en Clan of the Wet’suwet’en participated in the First and Second Indigenous Assembly Against Mining and Pipelines in BC. Says Mel Bazil: “The plans of Christy Clark and the BC government to push mining and pipeline developments into our territories will fail. We reject the short-term interests of profit that motivates those mining and pipeline developments that are trespassing on our unceded Indigenous lands.

Freda Huson: spokesperson for Unist’hot’en: (778)210-1100 or (250) 847-8897
Toghestiy: (250) 847- 8897
Kloum Khun’s: (250) 847-9673
Mel Bazil: 250-877-2805