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La Rage (The Rage) by French female rap artist Keny Arkana, released in 2006.

Keny Arkana is part of La Rage Du Peuple (The Rage of the People), a music collective formed in 2004 in Marseille, activists in the alter-globalization

Geoengineering is the world-wide secret program to manipulate the atmosphere. The government now admits it has been “testing” the manipulation of earth’s atmosphere with barium salts, aluminum dioxide and other toxic compounds.  This experiment represents a clear and present danger to the health of all life and ecosystems on the planet.  And of course, we are all unwitting subjects.  Stop the subversive experimentation and curb fossil fuel consumption.  End deforestation.  Support clean energy technologies.  Consider our health and that of all inhabitants of our beautiful planet.

(as we gather together)


Maiz Sagrado-Sacred Corn

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Video de Tabakito de MAIZ del nuevo disco CONECTOR II:
(Hector Buitrago /Aterciopelados)
participacion de IN LAK ECH y Samuel Alfonso
Realizado por Cromatophoro.
Recordandonos Hombres y Mujeres de MAIZ en America.

Las imágenes de este video son parte del proyecto Embera, realizado por Cromatophoro, una ONG que apoya el conocimiento y la conservación de la diversidad ambiental y cultural del planeta a través del arte audiovisual.

La producción fue realizada en la profundidad de las selvas del alto Baudó chocoano, uno de los territorios más inaccesibles de Colombia.
Más de dos meses en campo recorriendo un territorio inexplorado audiovisualmente.





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The reality of homelessness in San Francisco captured by electronica artist Alexander Robotnick

In the current economic crisis, most renters are just a few months rent away from being homeless.

Little Boysenblu
Not knowing what to do
With their testosterone
They’re hardly grown

Lined up in a row
Not knowing where to go
With all that pent up rage
They’re waiting to engage


Blue goes well with red
Someone ends up dead
They’ll shoot first,
Ask questions later
Lives snuffed out
Cuz their life’s worth so much greater!

Mayor sounds the call
Let no more blue boys fall
Now that his city’s clean
(The crime rate is so lean!)

Yet little boys in blue
They know just what to do
When faced with skin, not White
To Shoot will be All Right

[spoken section]

Slowly patterns change
Where once they walked it ranges
Now 5 years to 10
But not for Them

People Up in Arms!
They’re Tired of all the Harm
Caused by our Boys in Blue
One day – They’re coming after you!


Little Boys in Blue
Our Little Boys in Blue
Little Boys in Blue
Those Little Boys in Blue
Little Boys in Blue
Coming after You!

Abby Smith – Little Boysenblu
from her album
Abby Smith – Monitored for Quality Control

Videocollage and Titles by
GCM 2011

Peace & Justice

gentrification blues

The tourists flock to the choicest areas of Manhattan and never get to see the underlying poverty of the poorer sections until they have been adequately gentrified.

It seems as if we’re entering into an era in which without the intervention of the old, without the intervention of that which is considered ancient, we run the risk of bumping into irrecoverable catastrophe. There comes time when the word “modern” has very little power and we have to wonder how much of the old we still need to forget before it’s too late.

In the village, it is understood that any kind of challenge that we face in the now, is connected with a power source that once was one pillar of your own power, that you made a contract with, you made a deal with. Basically saying that, I’m going to cross over to this dimension where, in order to exist there, I have to carry a physical body but I’ve heard rumors there are problems associated with having a body and those rumors are not all good and I’m worried about the ones that are not good. Namely that, you forget what the source of your true power is.

I am coming into this world because I have a gift, a gift of healing to bring, but in order for me to deliver that gift, I need these sources of power to keep my back protected. The energy that we have inside of us to dispense, or to administer, is proportional to the amount of energy we take to deliver the gift that we brought with us into this world.

So if some of that energy, as it is unfortunately seeming like it’s the case; if most of that energy is invested in fighting against adversity, wrestling with challenges, eventually, by the time the challenges are through with you, the energy indicator would look really low and the gift is still sitting there waiting to be delivered.

Malidoma Patrice Somé

sound @ liv wheeler
video @ jen cohen
subtitles @ gerard cruz

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