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Skeptical challenge actually proves Billy Meier published scientific information about Jupiter five months before NASA; astronomer refuses to look at information indicating extraterrestrial source is only possible conclusion.

One of a series of photos of a UFO circling a tree, taken by Billy Meier in Switzerland

Quote startIt now appears to have been conclusively proven, in part by skeptical challengers, that Swiss UFO prophet, Billy Meier, first published that information in October 1978 – five months before NASA’s official discovery and announcement.Quote end

Billy Meier

(PRWEB) October 31, 2011

According to NASA, the most important discovery of the 1979 Voyager mission to Jupiter was that its moon, Io, was the most volcanically active body in the solar system. The mission also established that there were rings around Jupiter, some comprised of volcanic material from Io, and that the moon Europa was covered in ice.

It now appears to have been conclusively proven, in part by skeptical challengers, that Swiss UFO prophet, Billy Meier, first published that information in October 1978 – five months before NASA’s official discovery and announcement.

Skeptical Challenge

In 2004, the professional skeptic’s group, IIG, accused Meier of both backdating and publishing inaccurate information about Jupiter. In October 2011, Michael Horn, Meier’s American media representative, published a rebuttal claiming that scientific documentation – and IIG’s own report – clearly confirm Meier’s accuracy.

“The IIG article was recently cited on a skeptical blog, which led me to re-investigate. I was quickly able to confirm that Meier published it…long before NASA. And, surprisingly. nobody had noticed that the IIG document itself actually supports Meier’s accuracy! But even after this vindication the skeptics, some of whom claimed to be scientists, actually refused to look at Meier’s Jupiter-Io information. One can’t credibly claim to be a scientist and a skeptic because they are diametrically opposed to each other.

“Skeptics, by definition, enter the discussion with prejudice and preconceived beliefs, which is an unscientific, religious approach. Scientists rely on objectivity and logic, in order to discover what is true…even if it contradicts a personal belief. The fact that they refused to ‘look through the telescope’ is no different than what the Church did with Galileo centuries ago.

“Fortunately, there are some very experienced, high-level scientists, like astrophysicist David Froning, who state that they have benefited from Meier’s information. I think the inescapable conclusion is that Billy Meier’s impeccably accurate scientific information could only have come from extraterrestrial sources. There are no other possibilities left to consider.

“If people can grasp that, then they will realize that this is the most important story in all of human history.” said Horn.

The Silent Revolution of Truth, the documentary about the real-life adventures of Billy Meier, including his fascinating role as the “Phantom”, is now available for free viewing online.

By Oct 20, 2011

The Elder “Mamos” or Spiritual leaders of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, have expressed profound concern over plans to build a new seven-star hotel on their ancestral territory within the Tayrona National Park in northern Colombia.

Photo by Camila Rivera (on flickr). Some rights reserved.

The Mamos only learned about the proposed “Dávila tourism complex” after an attorney, Samario Alejandro Aria, uncovered a letter from the Ministry of the Interior which described the project area as being empty of any permanent human settlements*.

Strictly speaking, the comment is true; however, the Mamos point out that there are four Kogi families who are living there today.

They also point out that the project area is, unquestionably, a part of their ancestral territory.

What’s more, the Mamos warn that the proposed site is located on sacred lands that are supposed to be held inviolate. In the Mamos’ own words “…In these sites one must take care not to touch the mother of earth, water, and sun called Taiyuna.”

Since learning about the risk of destruction last week, the Mamos were confronted with another unpleasant shock: President Juan Manuel Santos has decided to endorse the mega hotel as an environmentally-friendly project that would promote eco-tourism.

During his inauguration, President Santos took part in a “unprecedented” ceremony that was conducted by Mamos from all four Indigenous Peoples in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta–the Kogi, Wiwa, Arhuaco and Kankuamo. During the ceremony, Santos was presented with a sacred staff as a symbol of universal balance.

As a result of the president’s decision to endorse the project, the Mamos say that the Universe has now been thrown off balance; and now, the only way that balance can be restored is for the President to shift his position, as Ati Quigua, the indigenous representative on Bogota’s city council, states, “… to reconsider this decision and return the park.”

In an earlier interview with Noticias Uno, Quigua observed that, “Permission is being given to a company that has committed many crimes against nature; the Dávila family has used the name of the Kogis to sell coffee throughout the world and have nothing to do with the Kogis.” Elsewhere, the Davila Abondano family has dispossessed Campesinos and Indigenous Peoples of their lands.

Fortunately, at this point, the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development hasn’t received an environmental permit application, which means the project still can’t move ahead. The Ministry also says that if it does receive an application, it will review all relevant social, spiritual, cultural and environmental aspects of the project; and it will carry out a consultation process with the Indigenous Peoples.

As far as the needs and rights of the Indigenous Peoples go, it surely doesn’t need to come to that.

Update: According to Colombia Reports, a senator has now proposed a meeting to discuss the rejection of the mega hotel. Speaking about the project,”Senator Robledo stated that “Tayrona National Park is one of the most important natural resources on the planet. Those who have traveled the world say it is the most beautiful place in the universe.” Members of Colombia’s Congress have also expressed a desire to open discussions.

*Note: There has been some confusion over what the Ministry actually meant by that statement and what the Mamos actually meant in their response to it. Various reporters have suggested that the Ministry was officially denying the existence of the Indigenous Peoples; but that does not appear to be the case. Rather, the Ministry was pointing out, however unsympathetically, that there aren’t any indigenous communities in the area. The Mamos, in turn, felt like the Ministry was denying their existence.

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Colombia: Indigenous peoples ‘betrayed’ by President’s backing of seven-star hotel on sacred land.

Malidoma’s Dub

It seems as if we’re entering into an era in which without the intervention of the old, without the intervention of that which is considered ancient, we run the risk of bumping into irrecoverable catastrophe. There comes time when the word “modern” has very little power and we have to wonder how much of the old we still need to forget before it’s too late.

In the village, it is understood that any kind of challenge that we face in the now, is connected with a power source that once was one pillar of your own power, that you made a contract with, you made a deal with. Basically saying that, I’m going to cross over to this dimension where, in order to exist there, I have to carry a physical body but I’ve heard rumors there are problems associated with having a body and those rumors are not all good and I’m worried about the ones that are not good. Namely that, you forget what the source of your true power is.

I am coming into this world because I have a gift, a gift of healing to bring, but in order for me to deliver that gift, I need these sources of power to keep my back protected. The energy that we have inside of us to dispense, or to administer, is proportional to the amount of energy we take to deliver the gift that we brought with us into this world.

So if some of that energy, as it is unfortunately seeming like it’s the case; if most of that energy is invested in fighting against adversity, wrestling with challenges, eventually, by the time the challenges are through with you, the energy indicator would look really low and the gift is still sitting there waiting to be delivered.

Malidoma Patrice Somé

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